Medvedev revealed his attitude to the crisis in Europe

Medvedev revealed his attitude to the crisis in Europe

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that he does not sympathize with Europe, which is experiencing an economic and energy crisis.

He revealed his attitude to the situation in an interview with journalist Nadana Friedrichson, published on her Telegram channel.

“We should sympathize with our people in the Donbass and other territories that are being attacked by the Nazis. Europeans should be sorry only for the fact that they chose such miserable leaders for themselves, ”Medvedev believes.

According to him, the leadership of European countries does not care about their citizens and they act to please the “American overlord” in order to stay in power. Medvedev added that ordinary citizens of the European Union are literally paying for sanctions, arms supplies to Ukraine and “support for trade wars and blockades”.

In the same interview, Medvedev said that Washington has no desire to end the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, the US itself “provoked the war” and could have ended it with a snap of a finger.