In the Bryansk region, a pedophile deputy will be tried

For five years, a 49-year-old man persuaded girls in need of money to have sex and paid them rewards, and secretly filmed his criminal carnal pleasures

In the Bryansk region, a local deputy will appear in the dock, accused of pedophilia and inducing teenagers to engage in prostitution. This is stated in an official statement published on the website of the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia. The man secretly filmed his criminal carnal pleasures.

We are talking about the 49-year-old deputy of the Dyatkovo district council from the “ROSTA Party” Alexei Gorodinsky. As the investigation established, the people’s choice at his home in the city of Dyatkovo from July 2016 to April 2021 had sexual intercourse with girls aged 13 to 16 in need of funds, and paid them money for this. Teenagers were looking for him for a fee and brought by a friend. The man secretly recorded sex with minors on a mobile phone, disguising it as a bottle and a jar.

A search was conducted at the home of the accused, as a result of which illegally acquired weapons were found. The operational video released by the Investigative Committee shows that rare weapons, including sabers, hang on the walls of the deputy’s dwelling.

The crime was investigated by the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service. At present, the collection of evidence of the guilt of the people’s choice is over and the case materials have been sent to the court. Together with Gorodinsky, his acquaintance, who acted as a pimp, will also be judged.

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